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Get the Most out of Outdoors and Learn in Nature with Our Packaged Services
Whether you want to experience a relaxing outdoor adventure with your friends, learn new things about the nature, or test your limits against the elements – Strömfors is the perfect place for you. Our 2018 season is packed with perfectly designed courses, adventures, yoga retreats, and outdoor racing to satisfy even the most demanding needs.
Paddling Safety
Practice the most important safety techniques with a professional guide.
SUP Intro
A safe and fun entry into the world of this hugely popular board sport.
Whitewater Paddling Intro 20.7.
Feel the rush of whitewater paddling and learn safely with a guide.
Whitewater Paddling Course 6.-7.7.
Learn the basics of whitewater paddling during this overnight course.
Lasten outdoor-päiväleiri 13.–15.6. 9–14
Kolmen aamupäivän lastenleirillä tutustumme erilaisiin ulkolajeihin sään mukaan.
Girls only hiking course
Get into multiday outdoor adventuring and find new soulmates in the process!
Trailrunning for beginners
until 14.6.
Run regularly with a group of likeminded people.
Alpine Climbing Course 15.–17.6.
Basic theory and practice of alpine climbing, safety, and route planning with a certified mountain guide
Sunset SUP Trip 4.7. 19.30–22.30
Paddle and live one summer night to the fullest.
Warrior Weekend 29.6.–1.7.
Train hard outdoors with a fun-loving warrior crew. 
Fatbike Intro 24.5. and 19.6. 18-20
Roll over roots and stones like a boss!
Strömfors Swimrun – Escape from Svartholma 1.9.2018
This challenging race starts from Svartholma sea fortress. Total distance is 30km, consisting on 11 swims and 12 runs
Day Trips
Around Strömfors Day Trip
A guided tour takes you around Strömfors with equipment of your choosing.
Hirvikoski Paddle Adventure Day Trip
A guided canoe tour follows a picturesque Kymiriver downstream from Hirvikoski to Strömfors Village.
Overnight Trips
Tentsile experience and activity
The night in Tentsile is something else. Choose fatbikes, canoes, SUP boards or hike to escape your daily routines.
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