STORM X FORS Endurance Racing Series 2021
STORM X FORS Endurance Racing Series 2021
STORM X FORS Endurance Racing Series 2021
STORM X FORS Endurance Racing Series 2021
STORM X FORS Endurance Racing Series 2021
STORM X FORS Endurance Racing Series 2021
STORM X FORS Endurance Racing Series 2021
STORM X FORS Endurance Racing Series 2021

STORM X FORS Endurance Racing Series 2021

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STORM X FORS Endurance racing series is an ultimate outdoor challenge, a combination of five our favorite endurance sports in one series, all during spring, summer and fall 2021 in Strömfors. 

This series is not for everyone, each discipline requires some preparations, willpower and an ability to adapt to what nature throws at you. But as much as it takes, it gives back even more. We can safely state that everyone who gets through all five discipline is a winner, a true champion of Outdoors. There is still time to train, so pick your favourite sports or tackle the whole series, you decide.

To get the most out Storm X Fors, we highly recommend to give a whole series a try, to sign up for the whole thing and be there for each discipline gives you something to look for, to train for. There will be no excuses anymore. It also gives you the best changes in overall standing. 

Each discipline is also a race of it’s own and you can choose the ones best suited for you and take part individual events. 

All in all, Storm X Fors is guaranteed to give you some great experiences, sense of true achviements and lifelong memories in a perfect surroundings with the best possible company. 

All events are held in Strömfors and organized by a same team that has put together Escape from Svartholma Swimrun (that is part of the series as well) and Strömman Triathlon events.

Second event of the series is also a part of Nordic Gravel Series, so you can expect to complete the gravel course together with some best and coolest riders from Nordics. Swimrun brings the swimrun community together for fifth edition of Escape from Svartholma race.  

Sign up and start training + see you at Strömfors in few months!


Whole series 300 € (until 30.4.), 325 € (1.5.-5.6.) includes participation to all events, aid stations and safety during all events, afterparties and snacks after all events.


Women & Men

Race descriptions

On 4.9. Our series continues with 30k Paddling competition from Strömfors to Hirvikoski and back. Route crosses two lakes that might provide so chopy waters. Most of the route is sheltered river and very easy to navigate. Some stream is expected close to turning point at Hirvikoski

Rules for the event are fairly simple, you can participate with any paddling equipment you prefer: Surfski’s, Kayaks, Canoes and SUP boards are all allowed, as long as you paddle.

We also carry a limited stock of Surfski’s, Kayaks and Canoes that can be rented for the event for a price of 50 € if you do not own one. Please contact us for availability.

Details & Routes

Start on Sat 15.5. at 10:00 a.m. from Strömfors. Registration and Outdoor Factory open from 8:00.

Route starts in the front of Strömfors swimming beach, 15k north through Riissalmi, around the buoy at Hirvikoski and the same way back.

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Our series is kicked off with Gravel Riding event that is also a part of Nordic Gravel Series. Participants of Storm x Fors will take take part the 130k Gravel riding competition. A close to perfect gravel route takes you around beautiful Strömfors river delta area together with more traditional gravel roads and some tarmac during the norther parts of the course. Participation with any bike, however minimum 35mm tires are recommended due challenging terrain along the course. Helmet is obligatory. Route is not entirely marked, so bike computer or similar able handle gpx routes is also recommended.

Together with 135k route that is part of our Storm X Fors series, there are also 40k and 74k routes to choose from.

More info and registrations for individual event at

Third session of Storm X Fors series is an open water swim around Strömfors. Very sheltered river swimming course runs clockwise around Strömfors island with short 100m run at 3.5k. Start takes place at the same swimming beach than paddling and finish is on the other side of the village.

In addition to long distance and outside of Storm X Fors Endurance Racing series there are also 1.5k and 3k out and back distances available. All distances have several safety kayaks and SUP's to support competitors. The main distance also have three aid stations along the way for swimmers. Water temperature is expected to be around 20°C, wetsuits are allowed (but nor recommended) for all distances.

Details & Routes

Separate starts for different distances starting 10:00 from Strömfors Swimming beach on Sat 10.7.

1.5k & 3k Out and back routes. 9k around Strömfors island clockwise.

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The Fift edition of Escape from Svartholma Swimrun competition is also a fourth event of Storm X Fors endurance racing series. Held on Sun 15.8. this traditional route takes competitors from Svartholma island to Strömfors and following the ancient national border.

To better fit the Storm X Fors series there is also an individual category available on Escape from Svartholma Swimrun, but you can also take part the series by racing with partner and result is still included to series standings.

As in previous two years, there is also a Strömfors Sprint Swimrun on Sat 14.8.

Details & Routes

Escape from Svartholma Swimrun 15.8. Start 10:00 at Svartholma fortress, Loviisa

Start from Svartholma fortress Loviisa, finish at Strömfors Outdoor Factory.

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The fifth and last part of the series is a challenging trail run in Strömfors surroundings, some good elevation with very nice trails finishes up the Storm X Fors Endurance racing series with style. After this race we’ll know who is going to take the 2021 trophy home. There will be an after race party at Strömfors after the event, so book the whole day and evening.

Details & Routes

Start on Sat 2.10. at 12.00 in the front of Strömfors Outdoor Factory.

21k of trails at Kukul and Särkjärvi areas. Start and finish at Strömfors Outdoor Factory.

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By registering to competition competitor accepts that he/she is photographed during the day and photos and videos are used to promote and illustrate competition in different digital and social media channels of Strömfors Outdoor and competition sponsors.
In case of COVID-19 situation forces us to cancel the race, we are looking for an additional date for it later during the season 2021. In the worst possible case it is moved to 2022 and 2021 registrations apply.
Participation can moved to 2022 race upon the medical certificate.