Strömfors Summer 2021
Strömfors Summer 2021
Strömfors Summer 2021
Strömfors Summer 2021
Strömfors Summer 2021
Strömfors Summer 2021
Strömfors Summer 2021

Strömfors Summer 2021

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Strömfors Summer 2021 is all about great outdoor adventures, endurance training and racing + clinics and workshops to help you to get little more out of great outdoors & for building confidence and technique in the sports you love. 

Registration to all endurance races and outdoor adventures can be found from this site, links are in main page and in menu. Our main event for summer, STORM + FORS endurance series is a combination of five endurance sports. We highly recommend to give it a try. If you think you are not fit enough for this outdoor challenge, each race has also some shorter distances for beginners and the ones not wanting to tackle the full distance, you can register to all of them individually.

During the summer 2021 we are putting together a group training for riding 29.5. two one day workshops and clinics for Open water swimming and performance breathing techniques 19.6. and similar with Swimrun specific content on 31.7.Our Bike & Barbeque group ride and hang out event is in 29.5. and just before Midsummer we go for a Swimrun sprint on 24.6. night and Triathlon Sprint on 25th morning. 

Registration to all clinics and workshops can be found from drop down menu below


Strömfors BIKE & BARBEQUE, Sat 29.5.


Open Water Swimming & Breathing Clinic, SUN 20.6 (NEW DATE!)

 Open water swimming has become more and more popular during past years, people have found the beauty and freedom of several lakes, ponds, rivers and sea areas. Swimming is also a very important part of several multisport like triathlon and swimrun.

Some of us are naturals in water and feel super comfortable while swimming in open water without the quidance and safety of the pool, whereas some of us might feel anxious and unsecure about it.

In this one day open water clinic unique we combine swimming technique and safety with performance breathing methods. Breathing techniques are undervalued as a part of sports performance and they can be varied to wide variety of use where a person control is needed to overcome fear or anxiety of the upcoming event or situation.

We welcome you to our open water clinic where we improve your open water skills and turn you to a confident open water swimmer. Our course is suitable from beginners to midlevel open water swimmers.


09.00 Meeting and introduction to day at Strömfors Outdoor Factory

09.30 Performance Breathing, theory and exercises by Topi. Practical methods for acknowledging the importance of breathing before and during the exercise and breathing techniques for open water swimming both overcoming the cold water shock and for optimum performance.

12.00  Light Lunch

13.30 Open Water Technique, what is different compared to swimming in the swimming pool/ safety

14.30 -17.00 Exercises in open water.  For practical part we will use Kukuljärvi, about 10 minutes drive from Strömfors Outdoor Factory. Kukul is small and sheltered lake with crystal clear water.

17.00-1730 Recap and little snack at Kukul laavu 


Guilherme Reis

Guilherme is a former professional swimmer from Brasil. Gui has presented his country both in swimming and triathlon and also swam under different clubs in France and Portugal. After his career he has coached several triathlon and swimrun athletes in swimming.

Topi Lintukangas

Topi is experienced multisport dude with several sports career behind him. He has competed in swimming in junior national team, being a pro ironman triathlete with PB if 8.38 and belonged to Red Bull team as freediver and multiple deep diving world record holder.



We celebrate the midsummer of Finland little early on Thu 24.6. with Swimrun Sprint. This casual, get together event takes you to Strömfors 10k Swimrun Sprint course, Start 21.30, with two groups, followed by Sauna and some after workout snacks.


20.00-21.00 Gathering at Strömfors Outdoor Factory, Ahlströmintie 1.

21.30 Swimrun Start (no timing) 2 groups 

23.00- Sauna ready and after workout snacks served at Cafe Ström & Fors

24.00 Midsummer magic

Midnight Sun Swimrun Sprint is limited for 20 people.