Strömfors Swimrun Escape from Svartholma 3.8.

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Third edition of Escape from Svartholma – the race proven 30 km course with one of a kind Swimrun experience on Saturday 3.8. 

Registration fee includes:
  • Swimcap
  • Transportation to Start at Svartholm from Strömfors Outdoor Factory
  • 6 aid stations along the course
  • After race sauna and recovery snacks
  • Numbered west (returned after the race)

Starting from Svartholm fortress island at Loviisa, this historical course follows the nation border from 1743. Total distance of the challenging route is 30 km, consisting on 11 swims of 5.3 km and 12 runs of 24.2 km in total. Majority of swims are sheltered sea swims in Finnish archipelago, the last sections are swam in the river with little current. Run sections are done on fast rolling sand roads and undulating forest trails. 

Race is held as a pair race in three classes: mixed, female, male 

Race rules follow general Swimrun rules. All racers must have a valid insurance on the race day. Race is limited for maximum 40 pairs and is filled in registration order. 

Course details
Start: Svartholm fortress island 
Finish: Old iron mill village of Strömfors 
Total race distance: 29 550 m 
Running: 24 200 m 
Run sections: 11
Swimming 5 330 m 
Swim sections: 10 
Longest swim 1 100 m 
Longest run 11 950 m 
Aid stations: 6


Schedule for the race day, Saturday 3.8.

  • 8.00 Raceinfo at Strömfors Outdoor Factory lounge, Ahlströmintie 1. All extra clothes etc. can be left to Outdoor Factory during the race.
  • 8.45  Transportation for all partcipants to Svartholma fortress island with taxi & boat. There is no transportation to Svartholma for spectators.
  • 10.00 RACE start, start line on south part of the fortress, first leg is a short run.
  • 9.00 Strömfors Outdoor ja Cafe Ström & Fors open.
  • Possibility for trying out different outdoor activities for race followers. 
  • 15.00–15.30 (estimate) First pair crosses the finish line.
  • 15.00 Showers and sauna for competitors.
  • 16.00 Food, drinks & after race hangout at Outdoor Factory, cheering for finishers.
  • 17–18  Price giving ceremony