Fall is for fun escapes
Going outside and being active is still the best cure for short days and cold weather.
Strömfors Swimrun – Escape from Svartholma 2019
Registration for the third edition of this already legendary Swimrun race is now open! Read more
Day Trips
Around Strömfors
Day Trip

This is a guided tour in Strömfors' surroundings. A package includes equipment of your own choice together with route map, introduction, and snacks. Available options are: Canoes, Kayaks, Fatbikes, SUP boards or hiking. We provide everything needed for a relaxed nature experience and snacks with great coffee or tea. 
 € 75/person
Min 4 persons. Duration 3-5 hours depending on the route and discipline.

Hirvikoski Paddle Adventure
Day Trip
This day trip is a downstream river tour with a guide. Hirvikoski paddle adventure follows a picturesque Kymiriver downstream from Hirvikoski to Strömfors Village. Total distance of 15km includes two lake crossings and plenty of nice sheltered river stretches. Route is suitable for beginners, and more advanced paddlers can add some challenge to the trip by starting it above the the Hirvikoski whitewater section. Package includes either Kayaks or Canoes with all needed equipment, lunch an coffee in the middle of the trip and one of our experienced guides to accompany the whole trip. 
 € 150/person
Min. 4 persons. Duration 5-7 hours.
Overnight Trip
Tentsile Experience combined with fatbiking, hiking, sup paddling or paddling.
Package includes gear of your choice, cooking equipment with easy to prepare ingredients for dinner and breakfast. And we won't let you go without fresh coffee and cinnamon rolls to go. All you need is the sleeping back and some outdoor clothing, we provide you with everything else including intro on how to set up a tensile tent and use all equipment. We will plan your route together and suggest a great place to set up your overnight camp.
 € 175/person
Min. 2 persons. Duration overnight. If you want to book one of our experienced guides to accompany you on the trip and help you with necessities, please contact us.
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