The Strömfors Outdoor Experience
Learn what makes Strömfors Outdoor a unique place to experience outdoors and peace of mind.
Early SUP session
Adventure on a sea ice
Rider's dream
In the Nordics we are blessed with beautiful, pure nature. But seldom can you find the versatility where rivers, paths, cliffs, lakes and forest just happen to be perfectly in place for outdoor sports, adventures and recreation.
The Outdoor Factory
Our hub works seamlessly with the nature. This is where adventures begin, where Outdoor races finish and where Yoga retreats take place. We have packed this old and cozy metalworks building with high quality outdoor equipment, lounge, dress rooms, bouldering wall, cross fit gym, yoga shala, and meeting room + with lots of great atmosphere.
As nature is the stage, our attention to detail activity packages and courses is designed to give you a perfect experience on it. We believe in moments that create lifelong memories. And that nature is simply there for everyone of us to experience. Whether it is a family trip with cooking in the nature, outdoor adventure from few hours to few days, paddling course or Swimrun race testing your limits. You pick the style and level, we provide you with everything needed.
A good experience becomes a great one in a good company and without worrying where to go or how to get there. Our route maps with carefully planned paths are there for everyone to use, but we recommend to book one of our guides to get most out of the experience. We organize courses and camps around popular themes regularily. The best way to master outdoors and get to know yourself better is to take part on one of those.
Bad gear can ruin a perfect day, so we simply do not have that. All our equipment is high quality stuff built to last and enable you to get the most out of the outdoors. We co-operate with Welhonpesä & Mountainbike shop Helsinki to keep our gear in perfect shape. That’s also a corner stone for our responsibility, high quality gear lasts longer and saves nature resources in the process.
During 2017 we opened Cafe Ström & Fors in the old gatekeeper’s hut around the corner from the Outdoor Factory. This tiny Cafe with big heart and terrace in the shade of 200 years old oak tree offers the best coffee in the region, local delicates and healthy take away’s to outdoor adventures.