Paddling and Tentsile Adventure

Overnight adventure in Tentsile tent

Our river adventure with tentsile experience is a perfect urban escape for you and your friends. Something that is guaranteed to give you lifelong memories.

Tentsile over night adventure starts from our hub, the Outdoor Factory. 

With the equipment of your choice – canoes, kayaks, or SUP – the route takes you along the sheltered waters of Kymi river approximately five km to Hattarinniemi Tentsile Hub – our private campgrounds with all needed facilities for camping and cooking outside by the fire. Most likely you will have the place all for yourself but if you’re lucky, you might share the place with a couple of other like minded guests.

There are beautiful rock boulders by the water, pine trees, two fire pits and a brand new composting toilet. Enjoy the views, swimming, a dinner by the open fire, and the Tentsile experience.

A Tentsile is a tent that is suspended from the trees and hangs in the air. You sleep conveniently off the ground. One tent can accommodate three people.

In the morning, you can prepare breakfast and start your return paddle to Strömfors. Once back in the Outdoor Factory, you can use the showers and locker rooms to tidy up.

If you want, you can extend the trip to two or more nights.

300 EUR/tent (max 3 persons)
Paddling equipment: canoe, kayak or SUP

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