Path to Outdoors (365 club members)

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Path to Outdoors – girls only hiking course Strömfors Outdoor Factory × 365 Klubi 12.6.-16.9.

We are blessed with perfect outdoors, still few of us have skills and experience to fully enjoy hikes and nights outside in the nature. This course teaches you everything needed for mastering multiday outdoor adventures, gives experiences worth remembering and all that in a great company.

Path to outdoors stretches over three months and is designed to women who are interested in outdoor trekking, preparing food outside, sleeping in a tent and hiking in the wild nature.
Course consist on three parts where you are provided with perfect mix of theory and practice for mastering multiday outdoor hikes and enjoying nature the fullest.

1. Intro evening at Strömfors Outdoor Factory 12.6.
2. Over night hike at Kukuljärvi trails – Camping in Tentsiletnets 28.-29.7.
3. Four days-three nights hike at Koli national park 13.-16.9.

1. Intro evening Strömfors Outdoor Factorylla 12.6. klo 17 – 20, open for all

A relaxed evening with introduction to a course and Outdoor hiking and camping basics by Miia Tähtinen and Teemu Vuorensilta from Partioaitta and 365 gear rent service. Snacks served. Intro is open for all.

2. Overnight hike and tentsile camp around Kukuljärvi 28.-29.7.

First overnight hike takes us to beautiful nature of Kukuljärvi few kilometres from Strömfors. We spent nigh in Tentsile tents that are a unique combination of hammock and tents and attached to trees. Within a hike around 15km we practice basic outdoor skills and get to know each other along the way.

3. Fall-hike at Koli 13. – 16.9.

Koli is one of the most spectacular nature parks in Finland, perfectly suited for hiking. Our main trip takes place in Koli in perfect time of the year when fall colors are in their best. During this three-day hike totalling around 40km we spent two nights in tents and master our outdoor skills together. Everyone brings their own food and gear, equipment can be rented from 365 club and Strömfors Outdoor.

Path to outdoors Course

Participants: max. 10 girls (minimum 6 participants)
Price for the whole package: 470€
Price for 365 club members: 420€

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Guide: Miia Tähtinen, Strömfors Outdoor Factory

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