Escape from Svartholma 15.8.
Escape from Svartholma 15.8.
Escape from Svartholma 15.8.
Escape from Svartholma 15.8.
Escape from Svartholma 15.8.
Escape from Svartholma 15.8.

Escape from Svartholma 15.8.

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Two unique swimrun races in one weekend. Choose the one best suited for you and your partner, or nail them both.

The Fift edition of Escape from Svartholma Swimrun competition is also a fourth event of Storm & Fors endurance racing series.

Escape of Svartholma on Sunday and Strömfors Sprint the day before on Saturday, second weekend of August is dedicated to swimrunners, from beginners experience this great sport to elite athletes seeking podium and new course record.

Sign up for the race of your choice, book your stay and join the best Swimrun community gathering of the season in Finland.


5th edition of the unique race, that is a compact version of Ötillö style racing in Finland. This archipelago race starts from the yard of Svartholma fortress built in 1794 and finishes to Strömfors iron mill village in the front of Strömfors Outdoor Factory. Race follows closely an ancient Russian border and features 25km fast runs on trails and countryside roads and 6km of challenging swims, mostly in the beginning of the course. Something that has become a heart of this race.

Starting this is race is unique experience, finishing it in Strömfors is like coming home,as welcoming as it gets in endurance racing.

As in previous two years, there is also a Strömfors Sprint Swimrun on Sat 14.8.

Details & Routes

Escape from Svartholma Swimrun 15.8. Start 10:00 at Svartholma fortress, Loviisa

Start from Svartholma fortress Loviisa, finish at Strömfors Outdoor Factory.

By registering to competition competitor accepts that he/she is photographed during the day and photos and videos are used to promote and illustrate competition in different digital and social media channels of Strömfors Outdoor and competition sponsors.

In case of COVID-19 situation forces us to cancel the race, we are looking for an additional date for it later during the season 2021. In the worst possible case it is moved to 2022 and 2021 registrations apply.

Participation can moved to 2022 race upon the medical certificate.

Mixed 190€
Men 190€ 
Women 190€
Individual 100€

If you want to race full Storm X Fors Endurance racing series, please register here.