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Two unique and challenging pair races
Strömfors Swimrun – Escape from Svartholma 2018
Registration for the second edition of Escape from Svartholma Swimrun is open! We welcome all participants to this unique Swimrun challenge with the best course and after race atmosphere of the whole Swimrun race circuit.
Race will be held on Saturday 1.9.2018 and follows mainly the same route than the first Strömfors Swimrun 2017. Some modifications will be made to last parts of the race, these are finalized during spring 2018.

Download last year’s route map here

Starting from Svartholm fortress island at Loviisa, historical course follows the nation border from 1743. Total distance of this challenging race is 30 km, consisting on 11 swims of 5.5 kms and 12 runs of 24.5 kms. Swims are mostly sheltered sea swims, last legs are swam in the river with a little current. Runs are done on fast rolling sand roads and forest trails.

The Race is held as a pair race where participating pair can be mixed or same gender. All racers must have a valid insurance on the race day.

Registration fees:
160 € /pair (until 29.8.2018, registration closes)

In case you want to have more detailed information, please contact the route master Topi Lintukangas: 040 1676 300 | [email protected]

We welcome you to join this unique racing experience!